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Simulator Training

Airbus Helicopters, Inc. provides a full range of simulator-based systems for pilots and crews that offer highly realistic and cost-effective training on its helicopter product line.

As safety and operational efficiency are among Airbus Helicopters, Inc.’s top priorities for its customers and operators, the company has made major investments in simulator training devices benefitting from the complete data package that an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) can provide.

The scope of these training systems varies from highly realistic mission-based simulations with motion and full pilot/crew interaction to procedures trainers for both pilots and maintenance personnel. They are offered with Airbus Helicopters, Inc.’s skilled instructors, or available in dry lease arrangements for training provided by the customer’s own personnel.

AS350 Flight and Mission Simulator

The full-motion AS350 flight and mission simulator is the world’s most advanced of its kind – featuring a full AS350 cabin that creates an enhanced training environment for both pilots and crews.

AS350 Flight and Mission Simulator

The AS350 Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD) at Airbus Helicopters, Inc.’s Grand Prairie, Texas headquarters facility is the world’s most technologically advanced single-engine helicopter simulator, allowing highly realistic mission training for airborne law enforcement, medical services and other operators.

Incorporating a complete AS350 cockpit and cabin, along with the comprehensive installation of avionics and mission equipment, this Level B full-flight simulator enables demanding flight and mission scenarios to be created and executed – all with the safety and cost-effectiveness of a ground-based training system.

Instrumentation for pilots includes a full avionics suite with autopilot in a night vision goggles-compatible cockpit.  The law enforcement mission suite for a tactical flight officer in the cabin brings together such equipment as a FLIR sensor, moving map system, tactical radios and slaved searchlight, along with the capability to train personnel in the airborne use of force.

Operational scenarios

Equipped with a full-motion platform and a high-resolution 240 X 80 deg. field-of-view visual system, the AS350 FSTD recreates realistic operating scenarios – including flight through metropolitan areas as Los Angeles and Dallas; in over-water missions and through areas of mountainous terrain; along with landings at hospitals, accident scenes and urban helipads.

Training opportunities cover emergency procedures, single-pilot and crew resource management, night vision goggles operations, along with instrument, transition, emergency procedures and recurrent training.

Convertible for the AS350 B2 and B3

The AS350 simulator is convertible for the AS350 B2 and B3 models equipped with the vehicle and engine multifunction display (VEMD), and includes a tactical command console that facilitate the direction and monitoring of training by chief pilots and agency incident commanders. The console doubles as a pilot or team debriefing station in post-flight mission reviews.

Download the brochure on Airbus Helicopters, Inc.’s AS350 B2/B3 flight and mission simulator, here.


EC145 flight training device

The full-motion EC135/EC145 flight training device (FTD) at Airbus Helicopters, Inc.’s Grand Prairie, Texas has a full-scale replica of the twin-engine helicopter’s cockpit, and incorporates the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) data package for true-to-life flight functionality and operations.

This six-degree-of-freedom simulator uses a visual system with a 170 X 80 deg. field-of-vertical, and incorporates day, night, IFR and night vision goggle capabilities – offering customers a safe and effective method of training, including advanced mission-based scenarios.

Interchangeable panels in the simulator allow the FTD to be used for training in both the EC135 and EC145 configuration.